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Know Your Rights – Part 8

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The 8th Amendment is a controversial one for freedom fighters in the plight against torture of terrorists at Guantanamo Bay. People in favor say that it isn’t a problem because it doesn’t take place on American soil. Right or wrong – that’s for you to decide. We all need to cultivate our own thoughts and opinions, and base them off of facts. Here is the fact of how the 8th Amendment reads; “Excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishments inflicted.”

Obviously, this is an important law. We do not want the government holding prisoners for ransom at extremely high bail rates, nor should we be exposed to incessant fining. And we definitely do not want American citizens being exposed to cruel and unusual punishments. This amendment is probably written in the most clear language and doesn’t need a lot of interpretation, yet the courts still struggle to interpret it. What is considered excessive bail? What constitutes cruel and unusual? You and I know what this amendment is for – when will they figure it out?


Defend yourself with the knowledge of the constitution. Learn your rights, study your rights, defend your rights.