Common Sense Gun Control

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The hot topic in the news this week is gun control. This comes as a result of the horrific school shooting in Parkland, Florida. Unlike many, I disagree that the right time to talk about such a big policy change is right after an incident like this when everyone is thinking emotionally. As much as you need your heart to be influential, you need your mind to be clear and the logic to prevail. Nonetheless, we are human, and the emotional side of us wants to have this discussion right now. So, let’s have it.

I want to forewarn you that I am a huge supporter of the 2nd Amendment and this will be a controversial post. I try to touch on these sensitive subjects in a way that doesn’t offend anyone, but I will also be direct and unapologetic about my beliefs.


I have heard some shocking things lately from people the I considered to be conservatives. I still respect these people, but I couldn’t disagree with them more. I am going to list a couple of things I’ve heard, and the reasons I cannot agree.

  1. There is no reason for the public to have assault style rifles.
    • Maybe there is, maybe there isn’t. But it is there right to purchase one if they would like. There are far more responsible, not murdering, legal assault style rifle owners than there are those who commit crimes. Should we punish the many because of the few? Maybe you think we should. But how about this statistic? Rifles are used to kill approximately 374 people a year, while falling out of bed kills approximately 450 people a year. And really, who needs a bed? Maybe we should ban furniture, so no one dies falling out of a bed ever again!
  2. Maybe we need stricter gun laws and tougher background checks!
    • The states with the strictest gun laws contain cities with the highest rates of gun violence. Furthermore, I would like to submit to you that regardless of whether or not they obtained their guns legally, people who kill people aren’t afraid to break the law. I come to this conclusion based on the fact that killing people is against the law.


Those are the two biggest things I have heard from some of my friends on the right. Of course, my friends on the left are saying all this and more. The call for common sense gun control is out of control. But if it is common sense gun control they want, then it’s common sense gun control they shall receive.

Step 1: Research shows that 98% of mass shootings occur in gun free zones; thus, common sense dictates removing gun free zones.

Step 2: Short of being Superman, the easiest and quickest way to stop a shooter is with a gun; ergo, more responsible people should carry guns. Think about putting armed guards in schools.

Step 3: Reform the education system and challenge parents to get more involved in hopes that these kids may not grow up with the desire to do harm.

It is time we realized that common sense gun control means more guns, not less.


Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.” -Benjamin Franklin


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