Narratives and Story Telling

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“I have thought for a long time that conservatives needed to change their approach. I thought we should become better story tellers, better listeners; that we should be better at explaining our plans and why it is good for the American people. I thought that some more compassion and thoughtful articulation would simultaneously shut down the liberals go-to attacks and appeal to a broader base.”

That quote is from a blog post I wrote in December, titled They Didn’t Do It My Way. I wrote this because I was – I am – fed up with the Republican Party. I am done with politicians who want to complain that the left draws a false narrative about them, but then does nothing to fight the misconceptions about them. If the good, caring conservatives out there would just explain themselves more clearly, sympathize with anyone, and told stories that we could all relate to, than the wouldn’t fall prey to the attacks of the liberal media. They shout that the liberals have demonized the conservative movement but haven’t so much as whispered a good reason to disavow their talking points.


Here are just some of the ways the conservatives could effectively fight back against the slander the left and many in the media have assigned them.

  1. Fight back against the notion that conservatives are racist by going into the inner-cities and listening to the people. Hear from the people, the business owners, and the school teachers to find out what they need. Explain how you want to help the minorities and the people in poverty through your policies. Show them how school choice will allow them to get their children access to better education, more appropriate class sizes, and the best teachers. Tell them a story; pain them a picture – in New York City, more African American babies are aborted than are born. That trend WILL result in the extermination of the race within the city. The numbers aren’t much different in inner-cities across the country. Let them know that that is not what we want. We want the presence of all peoples in our society to make us stronger. Assure them that you aren’t trying to take away their entitlement programs (that keep them in poverty) cold turkey so that they end up flat on their faces; but that we want to help them get a good job and move up so that they may move out of poverty and into a better life. Show them that you care.
  2. Tell women you hear them; that they matter. Give the leftist feminist movement some acknowledgement. Verbalize that you are proud of the ground women have made: now graduating from college at a larger rate than men. Recognize that they have valid concerns about the taxation of tampons and other feminine care products. Most medical necessities are not taxed, and these feminine care products should be considered a necessity. (You wouldn’t want these women to go without these products, and as a conservative, you should have no problems cutting taxes.) Tell stories about strong women who have inspired you. Women are more than half of the electorate – and you are letting the other side paint you as blatantly anti-female.
  3. You’re a politician: your words should be politically correct. Don’t fall into the anti-PC trap. When someone says something insensitive – don’t defend it! Don’t explain away inappropriate behavior of yourself or others. You are a leader, so act like one. Take the responsibility of your position seriously, and don’t say things to offend anyone you are representing.


While I am not a big fan of political parties in general, I believe the republicans could do so much to help themselves. I think many are trying to copy the Trump model, and I believe that is the total wrong direction for the party. Try caring. Try loving. Try representing. Try doing good.


2 thoughts on “Narratives and Story Telling

    MillennialMerit said:
    February 10, 2018 at 11:03 pm

    The misconceptions of a group aren’t necessarily the group’s fault. But you can’t just sit back and point out what the other side is doing—actively fight them and prove them wrong.

      atalarowski2013 responded:
      February 11, 2018 at 1:44 am

      I agree. Thanks for the comment! I hope to hear more from you.

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