7 Ways Calvin Put the “Cool” in Coolidge

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  1. He cut the federal debt by more than half

Calvin Coolidge was “obsessed” – according to some – with cutting spending and paying off the debt. He, reportedly, spent many days with the director of the US Bureau of Budget and Congress going through every line of the budget and cutting back any way he could.

  1. He cut personal income taxes

Sure, we should give some of the credit here to his treasury secretary, Andrew Mellon. After all, the tax cuts are often referred to as “The Mellon Tax Cuts.” But, Coolidge was president and should also get some of the credit. Mellon received unequivocal support from Coolidge and together they eventually cut the top personal income tax rate from 58% to 24%.

  1. He meant business

He was serious when he set out to cut the budget. He didn’t pull any punches and he didn’t expect the Congress to do all the work. He dug so deeply into the budget, that he replaced the traditional blue and white post office bags with plain gray canvas.

  1. He loved animals

Calvin Coolidge loved animals! He is reported to have had many dogs, birds, a wallaby and a raccoon. When in office, some referred to the White House as “the zoo on Pennsylvania Avenue!”

  1. He was a man of few words

Silent Cal, they called him. He rarely spoke more than necessary and never said more than the situation called for. If only they knew then just how desirable that trait would be in today’s politics.

  1. He was a strong leader

Small in stature, soft spoken, and a man of few words. Those are all traits of Calvin Coolidge. But leadership is a word that truly personifies the man. He was a dedicated man with a clear vision. He was thoughtful, intelligent, and tough. And, he was not afraid to say “no” to congress.

  1. He was a capitalist

Once quoted saying, “the business of America is business;” Coolidge believed that it wasn’t the government’s job to get in the way of companies doing business. He believed that by leaving businesses alone and allowing them to flourish, it would best benefit the government, the economy, and society in general.


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