Football, Flags and Fidel

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Yeah, me neither.


In 2016, then-49ers QB, Colin Kaepernick (who, at this point in time, wasn’t even a starter) lead a protest against racial inequality and black oppression by kneeling during the National Anthem. Other players throughout the league followed suit. Kaepernick finally earned the starting role after six weeks. He was under contract to play with San Francisco in 2017, but he decided to void it and become a free-agent.

Since becoming a free-agent, there has been outcry from activists claiming that him not getting signed by another team is somehow an act of racism. These people must not be football fans, because they clearly don’t understand that there are black quarterbacks playing in the league. It also isn’t solely because of his kneeling, given that there are players kneeling for the Anthem that still have a job.

Colin Kaepernick remains unsigned as the 2017 season kicks off, but he has no one to blame but himself. Not only did he walk away from the 49ers, but he also turned down offers to be a back-up. Then, as Ray Lewis was going to bat for him at the Baltimore Ravens office, his girlfriend sent out a racist tweet – directed at Ray Lewis – and proved that LeSean McCoy was right when he said that he is just “not good enough” to deal with all the chaos that surrounds him.


Now that you’re caught up on that, let’s talk about his protest for a minute. Colin Kaepernick would kneel during the National Anthem because he says that it and the American Flag represents the systematic oppression of minorities. Then, just a week later, he was spotted wearing a Fidel Castro shirt. (You can read more about that and his asinine defense here.) If you ask me, that kind of absurd hypocrisy and brazen disregard for the Cuban people immediately and fully discredits his movement.

Yet, he continues to push his slanted crusade and will remain unsigned because of it. He made 1,000% sure he will never play for the Miami Dolphins, as their Cuban population would not take lightly to a Fidel worshipper in their midst.


I believe fully that you have to stand for something. I encourage you to stand up for what you believe is right. I do, however, suggest that you be consistent and are firmly planted in a foundation of truth and facts.


As we enter football season and approach the anniversary of 9/11, I thought I would share with you something I posted on my Facebook account on 9/11/16:

 I’m so sick of this kneeling story it’s ridiculous. It’s beyond me why we are letting a bench-warming second-stringer, who is the furthest thing from a social advocate that I can think of, lead a crusade like this. If he wants to kneel, that’s his pig-headed prerogative – after all, what could happen to him? He gets benched? Oh yeah… But why other athletes are willing to follow him on this nonsensical journey is ridiculous.

But today, should anyone kneel for our Anthem and disrespect the American Flag, they cannot claim to be doing it in the name of racial or LGBT equality, or for any other reason. If, today, you kneel for our Anthem and disrespect the American Flag, you are dishonoring the memory of all the lives lost fifteen years ago. You are kneeling for the Anthem that brought the whole country together after a terrible tragedy, and disrespecting a flag – not the Confederate Flag that was raised in time of racial division – but the American Flag that was raised of the rubble to declare that all of America was united and that we wouldn’t succumb to the evil that had just crashed into our borders.

The masterminds of this evil plot didn’t orchestrate it against black Americans, or white Americans, or Latina Americans or gay Americans. They orchestrated it against all Americans living in western civilization. You kneel today, you disrespect all of western civilization and your whole movement loses any meaning it ever had.


And they did. They knelt on 9/11. They discredited their whole movement.


Happy Football Season, y’all!


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