Does Life Imitate Art?

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Insightful post about the way our culture is being shaped today.

Off Kilter and On Point

Oscar Wilde once stated that, “life imitates art far more than art imitates life.” We have seen evidence to support this statement time and time again. In the nineties, Jennifer Aniston’s haircut from the first couple seasons of Friends was so wildly adored that women from all over the world ran out to beauty shops to get their version of “The Rachel.” In the seventies, an article in the Los Angeles Times reported that an episode of Happy Days, in which Fonzie gets his first library card, boosted the number of library card applications by 500%. Although the story about the library cards has been questioned for its authenticity, it’s no doubt that Happy Days set trends. When Fonzie’s cousin, Chachi Arcola, begun wearing a jean jacket, the trend was seen in on every corner.

But more than television and fashion, there are other compelling arguments to make this case…

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