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Welcome to A World Under Fire, a commentary blog that focuses on getting back the American Dream. I am striving to revive my own faith in humanity whilst fighting back against big government GOP players, bigger government progressives, the socialist left, the hate-filled and spiteful liberals, the green-enthusiast tree-huggers, and a society that just doesn’t seem to care. Join me and prepare yourself, because what you do next, could be the thing that matters the most.


We are about to be tested. We’re going to learn what we’re made of; what we’ll do when our beliefs and our characters are in question. We’re soon going to find out if a nation can peacefully live free and survive without the government acting as our conscious.


I always thought we could…


…but can a society so lost in itself find its way back?


I’m not sure anymore.


But I will not give up. I will not lose hope. Because I know the hearts of the Americans that came together after 9/11. I know the hearts of the Americans that came together after Katrina. I know the hearts of the American soldier. I know the hearts of the American people. So I will not give up. I will not lose hope.


Will you?




This is what is written on my home page. I’d like to break this down over the next couple of weeks to help you understand what I mean; to help you prepare.

Last week, we took the first paragraph and broke it down. This week, I’d like to take it from the second paragraph to the ever-important question, can a society so lost in itself find its way back?


In another blog post I wrote, I asked “What if the church could have stopped the holocaust?” During World War II, the American church was largely silent in the shadows of Hitler’s hate speech. Holocaust survivor and Nobel Prize winning writer, Elie Wiesel said that “the opposite of love is not hate; it’s indifference.” The point of the post was to challenge the church to stand up against indifference, and the challenge extends to us as individuals.


If you want to be on the right side of history, you can’t be indifferent. Say something. Do something. Believe in something. If you want to be remembered as someone who cared, you can’t afford to be indifferent.




Dr. Martin Luther King [Jr.] famously wrote that Jesus was an extremist for love. If you can be an extremist for love, can’t the opposite be true? If Jesus was an extremist for love, and we are called to love like He loves; and if the opposite of love is indifference, then aren’t we acting in blatant disobedience when we don’t take a stand for something?


We’d all like to believe that we would have stood up against slavery in the Civil War, or that we would have stood with our Jewish brothers and sisters during the Holocaust, or that we would have marched alongside of Martin Luther King Jr. during the civil right movement. The question is, could we have really been bothered to take a break from our lives to take a stand? Would we have really been remembered for standing up against such atrocities? Or would we have half-hearted verbalized our support and acted with indifference?




You are being tested. I am being tested. We’re all be challenged to stand up for something bigger than ourselves. If we don’t learn how to care and fight against indifference, then the government will try to act as our conscious. The more the government intervenes in the name of “charity,” the more indifferent we become as a society. It’s a never-ending cycle, and we need to break it with love.




I used to think that people cared more than they didn’t. I used to think that American’s could rally together on the issues that mattered most. Now, I’m so utterly lost and confused in a society more interested in selfies and cat videos than stopping human trafficking or the slaughter of martyrs around the world. I’m not sure how a society so lost in itself can find its way back…


unless we come in the same way we went out. Social media undoubtedly helped to change the way society thought. Facebook, Instagram and Snap Chat encouraged the selfie generation and catered an array of various distractions from real-life problems.  Perhaps the problem isn’t the platforms, but what we do with them.




Tim Tebow – former NFL quarterback, current minor league baseball player and lifelong Christian – was lambasted by many, and adored by others for being purposeful about his sharing faith. In his eyes, God gave him a platform and he used it. Other professional athletes use their platform to advocate for various charities or their own political ideals. Many an athlete waste their platform and use it only to bolster their own celebrity status.


In today’s social media world, we are all given a platform. Several, if you choose to use them. The only question is, how are you going to use it? Are you going to waste it by only posting attractive selfies and trying to build yourself up? Or are you going to use it to spread truth, hope and love?




Maybe we can find our way back from the land of indifference the same way we left it – through social media.



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