The Thing That Matters Most

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Welcome to A World Under Fire, a commentary blog that focuses on getting back the American Dream. I am striving to revive my own faith in humanity whilst fighting back against big government GOP players, bigger government progressives, the socialist left, the hate-filled and spiteful liberals, the green-enthusiast tree-huggers, and a society that just doesn’t seem to care. Join me and prepare yourself, because what you do next, could be the thing that matters the most.


We are about to be tested. We’re going to learn what we’re made of; what we’ll do when our beliefs and our characters are in question. We’re soon going to find out if a nation can peacefully live free and survive without the government acting as our conscious.


I always thought we could…


…but can a society so lost in itself find it’s way back?


I’m not sure anymore.


But I will not give up. I will not lose hope. Because I know the hearts of the Americans that came together after 9/11. I know the hearts of the Americans that came together after Katrina. I know the hearts of the American soldier. I know the hearts of the American people. So I will not give up. I will not lose hope.


Will you?




This is what is written on my home page. I’d like to break this down over the next couple of weeks to help you understand what I mean; to help you prepare.




There are three really important things that I highlighted in the first paragraph; the American Dream, faith in humanity, and the idea that what you do next could be the thing that matters most. This paragraph explains the things that I am striving to attain and understand. I think it reflects what a lot of people are looking for.




The American Dream


What does that even mean anymore? Is it an eleven dollar minimum wage? Is it a living wage that we’re all entitled to? Or is it the ability to use whatever restroom we want and be whichever gender we choose, despite what medical science says we are? Maybe, for you, the American Dream is an America without any of those things!


 Let’s get one thing straight, right now. There is a difference between the American dream and your dream for America. My dream for America is that we can have total economic freedom and a prosperous environment for business; that we can pull away from our sinful nature as people and live harmoniously together; and that the American Dream be accessible to everyone.


The American Dream is the principle that anyone – regardless of race or economic status – can attain success through hard work, diligence and commitment. The American Dream is your entrepreneurial spirit given a chance to fly; regardless of where you come from or what you look like. The American Dream is work. It is hard work. It is not equality of outcome, but equality of opportunity.


In America, we have all been given an opportunity – an opportunity to work, to live off our earnings, and to help others. The only thing that matters is what you do with the opportunity. Make the right choices, and you can achieve the American Dream.




Faith in Humanity


I told you that I am striving to revive my faith in humanity. This election cycle has not helped with that. It is hard to watch people tear down others over political disagreements; to defriend and cut out others from their life due to societal pressure. It’s hard to see people cutting down other people.


Still, I strive to look for the good in people. I look for the kind hearted, caring and loving people. They are out there, the media just isn’t shining their light on them.  They are in your neighborhood, at your church, volunteering at your local shelters; they are not on computer, in your television or crammed into your phone. The American people who just want so deeply to help someone in need, that rallied together after 9/11 and Hurricane Katrina, who don’t care how you voted but how you treat other people – those people are out there, and they can teach us a thing or two about humanity.


Printed on the wall of a school gymnasium I used to play soccer in, is a phrase that stuck with me. It read: “Attitudes are contagious. Is yours worth catching?” We’ll never find the humanity in people if we are catching and spreading bad attitudes. Change your attitude about society and spread some much needed positivity. Turn off your T.V., shut down the computer, silence your phone and go look for a humanitarian influence. If you can’t find one, become one.




What You Do Next


Do not think that you are not being tested. Do not think that you are not being watched. Do not think that what you do doesn’t matter. What you do next could be the most important thing you ever do.


It matters how you carry yourself. It matters how you make decisions. It matters that you care that there is pain and suffering in the world. It matters that you give this life everything you have, instead of just going through the motions.


We are being tested, right now. What do you believe? What do you stand for? Will you be remembered as someone you sat silent while others were hurting, or will you be remembered as someone who took a stand?


It matters what you believe. And it matters that you practice it and live it out every day. As Coach used to say, “you play how you practice.” Make every decision as if it were the one decision you will be remembered for. What you do next could be the thing that matters most.



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