Hate, Anger & Misdirection

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Hate, anger and misdirection: it’s the perfect motto for the American public. Not the right or the left, but both parties. The left claims to be the party of love, equality and compassion; and the right claims to be the party of lower taxes and religious freedom. If either side lived up to their promises, I wouldn’t be without a party. But the truth is hate, anger and misdirection is the way of the American public.

Not just politicians, but the media as well. We’ve let politicians and media talking heads decide what we should be angry about and where to place our hatred. It has to stop. Stop being influenced by these people, or anyone else for that matter. As long as you buy into the culture of anger that the public has built up in our society, you will always come out on the losing side.


Consider this recent event –

Scenario: Donald Trump wins the election and college students are so emotionally distraught that they need to take a couple days off.

Public Reaction: “These prissy crybabies need to get over themselves and get back to school!” “Don’t cry just because you lost. This is what happens when you give children participation trophies.”

Consideration Never Made: These college students have been living on a liberal campus, attending classes taught by extreme leftist professors, and being told every day that “Donald Trump is Hitler,” or “Donald Trump hates you,” or “Donald Trump is a racist, a sexist, and a bigot.” And they are hearing these lies all day, every day. Is it possible that these young students aren’t crying because they lost? Maybe they are legitimate afraid. I know I would be if I bought into everything those professors told me.


We never considered the possibility that there are people out there that are actually afraid. Our first instinct was to bash them and accuse them of being sore losers. And our anger is immediately brought upon the students instead of the professors who spent all semester convincing them that Trump was the Prince of Darkness.


The hate, anger and misdirection needs to stop. Don’t let your feelings be dictated by the media, politicians, or your friends. Rise above the culture of hate, anger and misdirection and then we – the people – will have truly started the journey to Make America Great Again.


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