Post Election Thoughts: Let’s Unite

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Donald J. Trump has won the 2016 Presidential election. He will be sworn in to office as the 45th President on January 20th, 2017.  He has pulled off quite an astonishing victory, winning states like Michigan and Wisconsin. While his election has been polarizing, many leaders on both sides have done a good job calling for a peaceful transition of power. An important thing to remember, regardless of your opinion of the President Elect, is that our lives as citizens have not been radically changed. We will go to work, support our families, and pray for America to continue to be a prosperous, united, charitable nation.


Presidential Trivia –

Q. Including Donald Trump, how many people have served as the President of the United States of America?

A. 44. Although Donald Trump is the 45th President, Grover Cleveland served two non-consecutive terms and is counted twice.


I, personally, have been in turmoil over the victory. I never wanted to see Hillary Clinton as President, but I did expect to. I never wanted to see Donald Trump as President, and never expected to. I am confused by the church and the fact that the evangelical turn out for Donald Trump was record setting. I am upset that McMullin and Johnson didn’t take their home states – this was the year for a third party victory if there ever was one. There are a lot of things about this election that I can’t make sense out of. Trying to figure out my feelings has been taxing… But there is one thing I know for sure, God is still on the throne.

Sorting out my feelings has been hard, but I am as ardently never #NotMyPresident as I was #NeverTrump. #NeverTrump was a campaign throughout the primaries and general election that reflected my feelings about Donald Trump the candidate, not President Elect Trump. I will give President Donald Trump all the respect the office deserves. I never said President Obama was not my president, despite our differences, and I will not do that to Donald Trump. This is my country, and he is my president: Obama has been for the past eight years, and now Trump will be for the next four to eight. No “if’s,” “and’s,” or “but’s” about it.


So, with my feeling unsorted and my thoughts in disarray, I write this post to congratulate the President Elect and say to my fellow Americans, it’s time to unite.


Can’t unite over the presidency?

Let’s unite over the fact that we are the greatest, most generous, most prosperous nation in the world.

Let’s unite over the fact that our futures are not dictated by who’s in the White House, but by our hard work and the grace of God.

Let’s unite over the holiday season.

Let’s unite over the fact that we’re all afraid of what the future brings – politically speaking, and otherwise.

Let’s unite over our love for country.

Let’s unite and be the change we want to see in the world. You can’t just vote in change; you have to be the change.


Let’s start by changing our attitudes on this election, and those who voted differently than we did, and uniting to build a better tomorrow.


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