Vote for the Candidate: Evan McMullin

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Evan McMullin stepped up when no one else would. Seeing how dissatisfied the American people were with the options they were given in the 2016 presidential election, he reached out to some friends and encouraged them to run; when no one agreed, he decided he would run and try to give hope for those people. His home state of Utah has been very receptive to his run and he has just taken the lead in the polls there.


Evan is a Mormon, and has served in Brazil as a missionary. He is a former CIA agent, has a Bachelor’s in International Law and Diplomacy from Brigham Young University and a Master’s in Business from The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania. He worked as an Investment Banker and served as a senior advisor on the House Committee of Foreign Affairs.


When it comes to spending on defense and transparency of government spending, McMullin’s website says this of his beliefs “The Department of Defense must be a responsible steward of taxpayer dollars. Far too often, the cost of major weapons programs has greatly exceeded projections, while the programs fall years behind schedule, depriving the troops of the cutting edge equipment they deserve. Evan McMullin supports bipartisan efforts in Congress to reform and rethink the weapons development and acquisition process. Above all, there is a need to establish clear lines of responsibility so that senior officials can no longer pass the buck when explaining what went wrong.”

Evan has pointed to three major problems that inhibits the economy: the tax code the he feels rewards special interests and does ill to small businesses, excessive regulations that cost businesses almost two trillion dollars a year, and out of control entitlement spending that piles on to the national debt. He says he wants to help the economy by removing these roadblocks.

McMullin is for a full repeal of ObamaCare, and wants to replace it with a “more streamlined, pro-market approach to insurance,” that may include a tax credit and encourages the use of HSA’s. Additionally, he wants a Medicare reform to strengthen and ensure that Medicare will be available for generations to come – without taking us into bankruptcy.

On the topic of Climate Change, Evan McMullin does believe there is a problem, but does not believe in federally funding the research for an antidote. He believes that the private sector is best equipped to come up with innovative ideas and new ways to save the environment.

On education, his website talks about both K-12 and higher education reform. He is not a fan of Common Core and would like to see every state allow home schoolers to participate in sports and after school activities (something I appreciate, as a home schooler myself.) He does not believe in the ability of the federal government to ensure every student can go to a public college debt free, like the two major party candidates seem to. He sums up his beliefs with this paragraph; “The principles of education reform are the same for K-12 and higher education. Students and families should have more choices. Schools should have high standards and be accountable for students’ performance. State and local governments should lead the way, while intrusive and misguided federal interventions should be rolled back.”

Evan is a pro-life candidate, a big supporter of the tenth amendment, and is passionate about helping veterans and fixing the VA. While these things score him points with conservatives, some are critical about his views of refugees from the Middle East. He spent 10 years in the CIA and served in the Middle East, and believes that the vetting system we have is sufficient and that the worst way for a terrorist to come into the country is as a refugee. Agree or disagree – consider his expertise.




The most important thing to know about Evan McMullin – the thing his campaign needs to start pushing – is that he is only 40 years old. The next youngest candidate in the race is Gary Johnson at age 63. It has been said, that with the stress of the presidency, a man can age 20 years in office. Evan McMullin has the least chance of dying if that’s true.

Evan is available on the ballot or as a write in in 42 states and encourages supporters in the remaining states to cast their vote for him, anyway. While unprecedented for a candidate to call for such a thing, McMullin says his team will make every effort to make sure every vote counts. He says it is “just wrong” that states create barriers that prevent citizens from voting for the candidate they really want.


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