Vote for the Candidate: Darrell Castle

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Last, but certainly not least; in the final installment of the Vote for the Candidate series, we are going to talk about the Constitution Party candidate, Darrell Castle. He will not be on the ballot in every state, but he may well be in yours. You can find that information out here:

Darrell Castle is one of the founding members of the Constitution Party. He is the only candidate with military experience, having served in the Marine Corps. He is a Juris Doctor and has opened private law firms in multiple cities across the country. He is the only candidate running that is committed to his religion, and has served as deacon in his church. He and his wife also founded a charity known as Mia’s Children Foundation.  He is rumored to be a “birther,” regarding President Obama and Ted Cruz’s eligibility to run for office, but he has denied those claims.


Mr. Castle’s platform is based on ending the Federal Reserve, withdrawing from the U.N. and just adhering to the Constitution. Like his Libertarian advisory, he is in favor of decriminalizing marijuana. He said when it comes to things like prostitution and gambling, the government has no role to play. When asked about the difference between the Constitution Party and the Libertarian Party, he said that they had many similarities, but some staunch differences include being pro-life and pro-secure borders.


Darrell Castle has some really conservative principles that may appeal to those feeling as if they are without a choice this election. If you are interested in learning more, please go to and listen to some of his podcasts.


Now, I’ve told you everyone who I am not going to vote for. So, am I going to officially give my endorsement to Castle?! No. I think there is a great chance I will cast my vote for Castle in November, but not everybody can do that. In fact, I’m still waiting to hear if he’ll get approved as a write-in in my state.  I believe Castle has a lot to offer, but I’d still take Ted Cruz a hundred times over.

But the point of this series wasn’t to find out who I was going to vote for, the point was to make sure you knew who you were voting for. Vote for the Candidate, not the party. Vote for someone, not against someone. Vote with your principals, not with your peers. Vote and pray, don’t drink and drive.


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