Vote for the Candidate: Hillary Clinton

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Continuing the Vote for the Candidate series, moving left to right, this post will be about the democratic party nominee; Hillary Clinton. Hillary Clinton’s career has been entirely in law and politics. She’s been the First Lady, a Senator, and the Secretary of State, so she may be considered a little more relevant than Jill Stein.


If you are awake and living in the U.S., you are probably already familiar with some of the scandals that surround Mrs. Clinton. Benghazi, the emails, and the lies she told regarding both. And as bad as they are, just try remembering all the scandals that she and her husband, Bill, were involved with. (This is a pretty long list, so I’m just going to do it bullet point style, if you don’t mind.)

o   Filegate

o   Chinagate

o   Travelgate

o   Pardongate

o   Whitewater

o   The Clinton Foundation, illegal and dirty dealings

o   The Alinsky Alignment, and the Vanishing Thesis

o   Invisible Bullets; “landing under sniper fire”

o   Looting and Leaving… and Taking. Stealing from the White House

o   Bad Boy Bill and his partner in crime… Hillary threatens his many women

o   “The Body Count” (True or not, it’s creepy and just a tiny bit concerning.)

The Clinton’s have been involved in far too many scandals for me to believe that there is a single innocent bone in either of their bodies.


If the scandals don’t scare you, you should take a look at who Hillary has aligned and surrounded herself with. People like Saul Alinsky, Margaret Sanger, Henry Kissinger and Huma Abedin. These are racists, socialists, Islamists and advocates of mass genocide. She’s also said that she considers herself to be a progressive. She voluntarily likened herself to the worst of the worst when she said; “I prefer the word ‘progressive,’ which has a real American meaning, going back to the progressive era at the beginning of the 20th century.” The 20th Century progressives were real bad dudes, and they did not have the values I want my candidate to have.


If the scandals and the terrible people she identifies with doesn’t concern you, then we should look at actually the first thing you should consider: her policies. Hillary Clinton’s policies aren’t representative of what the average American believes. Even if that American is a Clinton supporter.

The vast majority of Americans disapprove of the Affordable Care Act (in fact, Gallup polls  show it has only a 37% approval rating,) yet Hillary wants to keep and expand it. The ACA also plays a part in her immigration policies, as she wishes to expand coverage to everyone, “regardless of immigration status.” And if the expansion of ObamaCare doesn’t leave the economy in shambles, maybe her New College Compact will. She took a page out of Bernie Sander’s socialist handbook, and started promising free college. That promise is tied to a plan that not only pushes the burden onto taxpayers, but also allows the federal government more control over post-secondary institutions.

Forbes wrote a great piece on the lunacy that is the New College Compact.

When on Clinton’s website, reading about her positions on the various issues, you will find the name “Obama” so many times, you’ll start to forget whose website you’re actually on. It is often written that she will “defend Obama’s…” or “continue Obama’s…” and seldom written that she would change anything he’s done or proposed. President Obama’s approval rating is currently at 51% – amongst the lowest of any out-going president. He has been much lower. Why would we want to vote in someone whose policies don’t differ at all from the man America can’t wait to get out?


Perhaps the most concerning thing for those of us who knows what Hillary Clinton believes and knows what’s at stake; is who would end up on the Supreme Court. The idea that someone who does not respect the Constitution as the Law of the Land appointing someone to the Supreme Court is absolutely terrifying. This is why my research proves to me that Hillary Clinton is not only not the candidate for me, but not the person I would want to represent women as the first female president.


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