Something New to Teach Our Children

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Recent news stories report that the idea of “white privilege” is being taught in schools, to kids as young as are in kindergarten. ( But this shouldn’t come as a surprise. Anytime there is a narrative the political class wants to push, it is first pushed in the education system. This is where the majority of lies are born.

It’s not a new thing; the progressives have been imploring this tactic for years. It’s been done over and over again. Not just here in America, but everywhere. It was seen perfected in Nazi Germany. Teaching and molding young minds is such a precious job, and there are so many great teachers out there. However, the system as a whole, and many individual teachers are just boiling over with progressive lies.


The concept is ingenious, and not off target. You have to start with the youth. You have to teach them what you want them know. If you start teaching them one narrative when they are young and they hear over and over again their whole lives, they will not know anything else.

It’s actually not unlike how bullies get you to devalue yourself. When you hear “you’re dumb,” “you’re fat,” “you’re ugly” enough times, and that’s all you hear, you start to believe it. And as a parent, it’s your job to make sure they hear another, more supportive voice that you hope will cancel out the negativity. It’s your job to build them up – starting when they are young – so that they will always know where their real value comes from.

The job of a teacher should be the same. To teach our children how to think, how to find answers, and how to make up their own minds. The job of a teacher should be to teach our children to know enough when they are being indoctrinated. They should be teaching our children that when someone is pushing a narrative, you need to take a step back and figure out why, and then collect all the facts.  When they don’t do this; when teachers instead push their beliefs – or the beliefs of the administration on them, they treat them like pawns; like players in their sick, political game. They take away their value as critical thinking human beings and turn them into parrots of the public agenda.


Like I said before, the concept of starting with the youth is not off target. It’s just not being done right. We do need to start with the youth. We need to start teaching them how to be self-sufficient, and how to reach their own conclusions about things. We need to teach them with no agenda. We need to raise children to do what the last couple of generations have obviously failed to do; listen, learn, apologize, forgive, love, serve, lead, follow, and save this country.


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