Education – Is Yours Worth It?

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I recently went on a journey to find the path of education that fit me just right.  I’m very particular and passionate about learning and I needed an education as unique as my very cluttered, little brain.  It had to fit me right, serve my intentions, be flexible and really be worth my return on investment.  I’m that particular about everyone’s education.  And every time I start to seemingly blather on about public education, the most common reaction I get is “you were home schooled, why do you care?”  So, I’ve come up with a Q&A sheet that explains my passion and much more… just keep reading.

Education Q&A:

Q. What makes a good education?

A. A golden education is tailored-made for you.  Education is suppose to help you maximize your potential by tapping your mind and teaching you how to think methodically, creatively, and quickly.  Education should inspire and encourage you to grow, innovate, and create.  A good education teaches how to learn not what to think.


Q. What makes a good educator?

A. Passion.  It’s not complicated, it’s not hard to understand; you want the teachers to want to teach you or your child.  You want to know that he/she is truly devoted to you or your kid’s education and helping to build a better tomorrow.  A great educator has the ability to learn how a person thinks and teach them accordingly. Many adored educators – such Boy Meets World‘s Mr. Feeny – show their true value, not in their knowledge, but in their wisdom.


Q. What is “career” or “college readiness”?

A. Career or college readiness cannot be achieved by a one-size-fits-all education.  Career or college readiness is only achieved when taught to think on your feet.  It is achieved when taught how to be efficient, accurate, flexible, creative, and professional.


Q. I’m not in school, I don’t have kids – why should I care?

A. Do you pay taxes?  That’s why.  We all contribute to these kids’ education, even if only financially.  As long as you’re paying for their education, those kids are your investment.  You wouldn’t want to watch one of your business deals tanks, nor should you.  You’re paying for these kids to go to school and learn, you should hope that the return on investment is grand.  You should hope that these kids leave school ready for the world.  Your return on investment is seeing them run the country and the businesses and families and knowing that your kids’ future will be safe and bright.  Take care of your investments, protect them.


Q. How’s my investment doing?

A. Public schools are in a grueling battle to fight out Common Core and all the re-branded versions.  Homeschooling, charter schools, and private schools are becoming more and more prevalent as student’s and parents are getting increasingly frustrated with the new curriculum and it’s inability to bend to the uniqueness of the student’s mind.  Few public schools are truly preparing kids for Career or College Readiness and their self-esteem is being destroyed because their mind isn’t the same as the paper-pushing-bureaucrats that put together their material.  Remember that Albert Einstein once said, “Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.”


Q. What would strengthen or improve my investment?

A. Give public education a private sector feel.  Don’t let it be run by the government’s incentive to save a buck.  Open up the district lines and allow the students and parents to decide where the best school is.  This gives the districts the incentive to choose the best curriculum, the best teachers, the best faculty, and maybe even the best lunches.  This also dissolves the urgency for teachers unions and ensures that the best, most passionate teachers will be able to secure a position for as long as they can attract students.


Q. What can I do to help or protect my investment?

A. Care. Care about what’s going on and stay involved!  You don’t have to be a student, parent, or teacher to be involved.  You can make a difference!



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