Youth Unemployment

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I’d like to give you my simple plan for solving youth unemployment thus ensuring a stable future for employment.


1.) Reinstate apprenticeships.  How does an unpaid position solve this problem?  At 13, 14 years old, you don’t need to be making money.  You can, though, start to learn how to do a job you enjoy, and how to do it well.  Who wants to hire a 16 year who can’t do anything?  Who wants to hire a 16 year old with no work experience or work ethic?  Apprenticeships will help solve this by teaching skills to future workers and getting their feet wet in the work force, teaching them proper workplace behavior and respect.


2.) Lower minimum wage.  At fifteen, sixteen year old need to start managing money and saving up, but they don’t need to keep up with the cost of living when their parents are paying their bills.  Who wants to pay lazy teenagers, with no work ethic, and no experience $7.25 an hour?


3.) Reform or lift regulations.  Kids can’t work during school, and can’t work all hours of the night. Have any questions?  No?  Good.  The regulations are ridiculous.  Who wants to a hire a lazy and disrespectful teenager with no work ethic, no experience, who they have to pay $7.25 an hour and can only work so many hours (already working around school and extra-curricular activities) and who has to take a break every few hours?!


4.) No income tax under the age of majority.  If you want to lower minimum wage – or create a “youth wage” – that’s great, but get rid of the income tax.  When we’re old enough to vote; when we’re old enough to die for our country; when we’re old enough to be tried as an adult, we’ll pay income tax.


By doing this you:

1.) Empower, teach and inspire the youth.

2.) Ensure the future of the workforce.

3.) Help grow the economy.

4.) Promote the American Dream.

A.L. Talarowski

Circa 9/22/11


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